What are the advantages of using Verbery?

Straight out of the box, you will be logging quarterly savings in IT and capital expenditures. Verbery VBX system is feature-rich, simple and intuitive and can easily and quickly be learned by any agent.

Can I get a free trial?

Absolutely. We fully understand that you’ll want to get a feel for the incredibly intuitive and easy-to-use functionality that Verbery offers before making your final decision. We offer a two week free trial and no long contracts to bind you up, so you can transition between Plans anytime should your business needs change.

Do you provide technical support?

Our agents are available for Chat Support from 9AM to 9PM US-PCT Monday through Friday to walk you through issues and help you get comfortable with the system. Email Support will respond to your query within 24 hours.

Will I have to buy or maintain hardware?

No. Verbery’s call center solutions are 100% in the cloud. This means you never have to worry about expensive maintenance of hardware or software.

Can my agents work from home?

Yes. Your agents (and you!) can work from anywhere there is a broadband internet connection.

How can I get started?

You will have your fully functional environment available within moments of registration. Log in to your account, and you can start building Call Flows, creating lists, and making calls instantly. See our documentation for an extensive walk-through, or contact us with any questions!

Sign up now for our 14 days free trial. No long contracts, no hidden fees. No credit card required.

Your environment will be created instantly right after simple registration.

Log in to your account and start making/receiving calls immediately.

Check our initial setup docs to add users, buy numbers, configure call flows and more.

Do you support feature X?

Verbery VBX is a feature-rich solution, so check our documentation to see if we already have what you need. You may also ask our support team: support@verbery.com.

If we don't have a specific feature you require we'll be glad to add it to our roadmap and develop it in the near future, so please let us know about your needs anyway.